Chandeliers Print

A "chandelier" is defined as - A decorative lighting fixture with arms branching out to hold candles and later, gas and electric lights. Chandeliers, which are suspended from the ceiling, date back to Anglo-Saxon times, before 1066 and were found mostly in churches and the homes of a privileged few.

Eighteenth century England and France produced some very fine examples in silver and carved and gilded wood. The earliest glass chandeliers date to the 1720's in England. Plain designs became more elaborate including glass icicles and pear shaped drops. In France, the finest pieces favored were ornamented with rock crystal. The exceptional glasswork of the Venetians during the 18th century produced some outstanding and highly decorative chandeliers.

Then in the late 1990's UP/ Unique Products began making chandeliers from all kinds of salvaged objects and recyclables to produce a new eco- wise version of the classic chandelier.

Chandeliers can be custom made to your desired length, color palette or construction materials - the chandelier world is your oyster. Check it out some of our latest that are currently in stock. Please call for shipping and installation instructions.