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'Bandstand'music club, Nola
Various Custom made wall sconces.

Willie's music and chicken shack, NOLA
Various Custom made chandeliers and pendants.

'Southern Bound book Shop' Biloxi, MS
Various Custom made chandeliers.

'Bandanas' Restaurant, Wildwood New Jersey
Custom made pendant mardi lights.

'Mara's homemade' restaurant and bar, Syosset, NY
Custom made squid mardi lights.

'Happy Hookah' retail, NOLA
Custom made chandelier, re-using hookahs, sandblasted glass jars.

'Willie's Chicken Shack' restaurant and bar, NOLA
Custom made juju lighting over the counter and bar.

'Rico's Drunken Burrito restaurant and bar, NOLA
Custom made chandelier re-using there booze bottles, pickle jars and food cans, XL mardi flame pendants

'DBA' bar, NOLA
Custom made chandeliers, upcycling there liquor bottles.

'Blackbeard's' restaurant- South Padre Island, TX
Wall sconces.

'Dante's Kitchen.- NOLA,
Sandblasted glass apple juice lanterns.

'Juan's Flying Burrito.- NOLA,
Custom theamed pendant lighting for bar area and restaurant. Mexican theamed wall sconcse.

'Nacho Mamas'- NOLA,
Custom mexican theamed pendant lighting. Fuax painting and decoration.

'Scoops' Ice cream Parlour,- Destrehan,
What a fun job this was! Pink, green, purple and black were the colors to use for all the lighting. Booth pendants, wall sconces, spot lights, bathroom lighting and kid freindly ceiling globes.

Buttermilk - Brooklyn NYC
Buttermilk bar asked for something that was not in NYC. Custom chandeliers made from spirit bottles and glassware.

Margaritaville. NOLA
Jimmy Buffets bar and restaurant had UP upcycled 60 patron tequila bottles and other bottles into chandeliers & wall sconces.

Monjunis, NOLA
An Italian restaurant with a 16 mardi pendant chandelier.

Audubon Hotel, NOLA
An alternative club and hotel. We were commissioned to create 15 Squid themed pendants.

For this new hip bar this client asked for lamps for the window boxes which had to be discrete, and a wild moon shaped light for the VIP room.

Johnny Ryan's Restaurant. NOLA
56 chandelier clip-on shades and 36 rechargeable table lights.

Voodoo Barbeque Restaurant. NOLA
Fire themed bar pendant lights, voodoo themed window pains and sconces.

Big Daddys Crab Shack. Ontario, Canada
Blues themed custom lighting and decoration.

Juan's Flying Burrito. NOLA
Mid-city location, Mexican themed wrestling mask wall sconces & coke glass fixtures.

Jaquimo's Restaurant. NYC
Custom chandelier's and wall sconces by recycling there old fixtures.

Cafe Brasil. NOLA
This music club had a custom rocket ship lamp made from laundry bottles. This light was used as a beacon for many of the locals coming home after a long night out on the town.