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Restaurants and Bars

Jacquimo's Restaurant, NOLA
One of Ups first clients, this local favorite has been Updated for the past 10 years with Jellyfish mardi lights, pendants of all sizes & wall sconces.

Big Daddy's Crab Shack Restaurant, Toronto, Canada
This New Orleans themed restaurant has Voodoo inspired pendant lighting and custom chandeliers.

Barramundi Bar/ Club, NYC
One of NYC coolest and hippest bars has had the mood set by UP with gooseneck mardi lights, pendant light's and clip-on mardi shades.

Oskar Blues Restaurant & Brew Pub, Longmont, CO
This blues themed brewhouse custom ordered chandeliers and lights of all sizes and styles for its southern style ambiance.

Golden Nugget Casino, Las Vegas
185 double mask lights for a Voodoo themed casino.

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Retail, Galleries, and Museums

American Museum of Natural History , NYC

Ogden Museum of Southern Art / Center of Southern Craft and Design, New Orleans.

The Smithsonian Museum, DC
A MRE purse is showcased as part of the Katrina collection

National Galleries of Scotland , Edinburgh.

Contemporary Arts Center, NOLA
Up was commissioned to create gifts for Prospect 1. The largest biennial of international contemporary art ever organized in the USA.

TV and Film

’Black and White' - Kevin Costner - 2013,
Set decorating for little girls bedroom.

’Treme' - John Goodman, Wendell Pierce. HBO - 2011,
Film negative lighting, folk-face men sculpture's.

Mark on PBS TV, 'Chet Chat' with Chet. DIY!

’Treme' - John Goodman, Wendell Pierce. HBO - 2010,
Funky Lighting and housewares.

’Earthbound' - Kate Hudson - 2010,
Recycled lighbulb cage chandelier.

’The Expendables’ – Stallone – Millennium films 2010,
The latest movie to come out of New Orleans, set designing with custom patron chandeliers.

Failure to Launch - Paramont Pictures 2006,
This movie filmed in New Orleans hired Up to custom build onset lighting,

LadyKillers, Coen Brothers – Touchstone Films - 2004
Up was commissioned to light up a scene in a recording studio. So what better way than to use vinyl and make wall sconces, standing lights and other items from different colored vinyl.

Dracula 2000, Wes Craven – Dimension films.
For this movie the set designer asked for 50 different flame style mardi lights.

MTV- The Real World, 2000.
Up made 60 pendant lights, 20 mask wall sconces, table lights and custom chandelier’s.

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Special Events

American Cancer Society
“CAC", Nola. Sweetarts ball, honorees awards, sandblasted pickle jar lanterns.

Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation
“Table decoration and installation for there fundraiser..

Farmers market awards, NOLA. Created awards

American Cancer Society
“Unmasking Possibilities”, an exploration thru art. Create an art piece together with a cancer patient which will then be auction of at the 9th Annual Hope Gala.

Tales of the Cocktail, NOLA
NOLA is the annual host to the internationally acclaimed festival of cocktails, cuisine, and culture. This event brings together the best and brightest of the cocktail community, award-winning mixologists, authors, bartenders, chefs, and designers for a five-day celebration of the history and artistry of drink making. Up has Organized a Block party , arts and craft market, also designing ‘The Incredible Edible room’, a movable bar and Custom bar fixtures.

National D-Day Museum/World War 11 Museum, NOLA
Up was commissioned to decorate the VIP area for the 50 anniversary of D-Day in a Casablanca theme.

New Orleans Film Festival,
Up has been decorating their annual gala for many years. The location changing annually from night clubs to 19 century banks, museums to private homes each year with a different fun theme,.

Club Halo & Club 360, NOLA
Grand opening, new years eve 2008, Up designed and produced the event for the 5 ballrooms upstairs and downstairs based on the 4 seasons,

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Workshops and Education

"NOMA", museum, summer camp, NOLA

Louisiana Children’s Museum, NOLA
UP has conducted many eco themed art workshops at this museum,

Country Day Creative Arts Camp, NOLA
Heather has taught fiber arts and led eco- art workshops at this 27 year old creative arts camp.

Recycle your bead Workshop, NOLA
After mardi gras we do a workshop @ The Big Top gallery. How to recycle the 1000's of beads you just collected during mardi gras season.

Maker Faire, Austin
The world’s largest DIY festival. Up was invited to the first southern Maker fair expo. We had pre & post Katrina workshop, with products made from recycled items. Record cuff bracelet, mardi gras pendant, MRE- purse, blue trap (FEMA) messenger bag.

Greenlight, NOLA
We educate the local community by changing there normal light bulbs with CFL light bulbs. UP then upcycle the bulbs to create lamp sculptures.
See some Photos (PDF)

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Private Homes

Coming Soon!

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